Traveling is the ultimate eye-opening experience- full of fun, adventure and excitement. It can also be a cesspool of horny guys determined to meet their foreign sexual quota. Here is some of the unbelievably stupid s#$% they say.

 Worst Pick up lines abroad




Mei Ciki ccfoodtravelWhere: New Delhi, India
The Details: “There are 206 bones in the human body… do you want another one?” then since he already had one beer too many, he proceeded to add (just in case I didn’t understand him), “You’re like a prize winning fish. I dont know whether to eat you or take you home.”!!! Needless to say, he went home ALONE.

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Jess ways of wanderers interviewWhere: Vancouver, Canada

The Details: My friend and I had just left a Tim Horton’s. A man wearing a sweater vest without a shirt underneath and a cowboy hat rushed to follow us out of the store. When he caught up with us, he looked me in the eyes and said “I just heard you order those Timbits, and I want you to know that you have the sexiest voice I have ever heard”. Then, before I could respond, he jumped onto a moped, strapped a helmet over top of his cowboy hat and scooted away forever.

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diolis nomadik nationWhere: Bangkok, Thailand

The Details: I was hanging at the bar with a group of friends when a fragile-looking guy in what looked like his dad’s suit approached us and began to introduce himself. When he got to me he said, “I have to tell you this: don’t get scared if you google me”. I laughed at the shameless plug but in my head I was screaming SECURITY! The next day I did google his ass and found out he was an indicted politician facing some serious jail time.

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Alena hadley adventures interviewWhere: Washington, DC, USA

The Details: During a night of drinking at one of my favorite Washington, DC dive bars, my ears perked up at the sound of a Nordic accent. I love chatting up European men, but most of them stick to classier establishments. So I took the opportunity to approach the tall, blond, dashing man from Denmark. After a short and flirtatious exchange, I caught him gazing at my chest. He looked up at me quickly, knowing he had been caught, and attempted to remedy the situation by asking “What did your motha feed you?” I laughed in his face, but continued talking to him anyway. After all, how many more opportunities would I have to meet a beautiful, Danish man in a place called “The Big Hunt?”

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Ashlea nomadik Nation
Where: Sydney, Australia

The Details: I was traveling in Sydney and met up up with one of my guy friends while there. I suspected he had a crush on me, but then one day, while we were shooting shots of Jameson at late-night bar, he told me without the slightest hesitation, that he would “drink my bath water”. As disgusting and unromantic as that might sound, we ended up dating.


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Karisabroad Karisa BlakeWhere: Bangkok, Thailand

The Details: I was out with a friend in Bangkok when we ran into a huge group of American frat boys. The rowdy boys invited us to join them at a well-known club and even paid for our entry fee and a bottle of Hennessy. After explaining to one drunk boy that I live in Bangkok, he replied,”So, Shanghai Karisa, I bet it’s been a while since you’ve kissed an American…” as he went in for a kiss. EW! My friend and I ditched them shortly after that!

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Lil Fel InterviewWhere: Paris, France

The Details: I know this may be soo 2007, but as a little Canadian girl studying at SciencesPo Paris I was shocked/mildly entertained/intrigued (?!) by this pick-up line. While in an Aussie bar around Chatelet, a young man asked me, “Have you ever had an Australian Kiss?”

“A what?”

“You know, a French Kiss..down under.”

It was the last time I went to an Oz bar. Most time these ridiculous pick up lines happen when we are all beyond the point of effective self filtering and clear memory! Which is to say I really don’t remember too many except for this one, and a guy bragging that he was a white, male gynaecologist and that made him better than a female. I dunno. We ended up making out.

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Where: Bahia, Brazil

The Details: I was walking with one of my girlfriends and these group of rowdy Baianos were in front of us. We had to pass through them to get to our house. One of the guys shouted, “Eu vou pegar uma gringa! Mmmm,” which basically translates to “I’m going to fuck or pick up a foreign girl tonight.” And all his friends laughed. My girlfriends snapped back something really witty in Portuguese, which caught him off guard because he didn’t think we spoke it. He then apologized, felt bad, and said for God to bless us. Too much Skol and alcohol brings out the worst in some men!

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Pinay TravelistaWhere: Philippines

The Details: I was bound for Biri Island, Northern Samar to check out the Biri Larosa rock formations at the Eastern most part of Philippines. Commuting via van, I was assigned to a seat where I would be sardined between the driver, and an older man on the passenger seat. Since I was not too keen to sitting there with the back of driver’s hand brushing on my legs every time he switched gears for +8 hours, I asked if they could change my seat to still available ones. While I was explaining why I wanted to take another available seat, I did not realize that a crowd of men has formed behind me. The guy over my shoulder said, “Honey, I can sit on that passenger seat, and you can sit on my lap for as long as you want to!”. I was all sweaty, too tired, and I could not help but reply out loud, “No, I do not want that, but thank you.” before gladly taking the more comfortable seat the gave me.

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Where: Italy

The Details: I don’t remember anything that was strange enough to stick in my mind other than some random nude men at a nude beach in Italy asking to be in photos with me (and my friend).

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