And you thought you knew how to work the dance floor! Check out this French dance duo that can battle with the best of em’ in any given country.


The dance phenomenon better known as “Les Twins” (Larry “Ca Blaze” and Laurent “Lil Beast” Bourgeois) are a hip hop dance duo that are well-recognized on the global scene and have become an internet sensation.

If you’re wondering if the dance skills run in the family, well, they just might. The 23 year old, Guadeloupean brothers come from a family with 18 siblings – 9 of whom practice dance.

The skills in ‘New Style‘ dancing has taken these brothers from their home in Sarcelles, France to tour after tour with no sign of stopping. With past performances in places as far away as Kyrgyzstan (yeah, we don’t know where that is either) and a resume that includes Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, a world tour with Beyonce and promotions for brands such as Rocawear and now New Era, these guys are spreading dance across the globe.

Where in the world are Les Twins now? You can currently find them in Japan filming for Japan’s largest television network, Nippon TV. The brothers will debut in “Determination of Les Twins” which will feature a dance battle airing July 24. To catch them stateside, head to this year’s Hip Hop International in Las Vegas on August 5th.


Some Dope Moves:


“Times Cop” in NYC



Golden State



Rug Dealers

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