Not long ago, wearing a fanny pack could only have meant at least one of these three things: a) you were a tourist b) you were over 60 or c) that you were  just a tacky S-O-B. But not anymore….

Nowadays fanny packs are no longer considered to be one of the most grievous fashion faux pas that a traveler could commit, that is, if you choose the right one. Check out our favorite fashion fanny packs:

Croc Print Waist Pack by Buxton

Why we like it: Adding gold accessories to any outfit makes whatever you’re wearing sexier. And it’s even better when it can hold your lipstick and your passport, too.

The Specs: Pouch is 12 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall with 2 compartments for storing your money and make-up. Available in yellow, gold, silver, and pink.

How to get it:  $9.90 at


Eighteen by Herschel Supply Co.

Why we like it: This one is for the guys who may be hesitant about wearing a fanny pack. Neutral colors and symmetrical color blocks give it style and class.

The specs: It has a main compartment and two front pockets. It can also be worn around the waist or over the shoulder. Available in black, canary, grey, navy/khaki and navy/red.

How to get it: $37.99 at




Bob Marley Hemp Bag by Rasta Products

Why we like it: There is an image of Bob Marley on the front. Enough said.

The specs: Organic and eco-friendly waist bag made from natural hemp cloth. It features 2 small side pockets, front pocket and main compartment.

How to get it: $24.90 at




Stud & Fringe Bag by Ecote

Why we like it: It’s simultaneously rugged and stylish.

The specs: 11″x6″ soft leather bag with fringe trim with adjustable belt and metal closure. Also available in black.

How to get it: $39 at


Striped Fanny Pack by Claw Money X Boosted Fanny

Why we like it: It’s funky glam, yet still practical

The specs: Striped black and white adjustable waist bag with red trim and gold accents

How to get it: $25 at


Ruffled Waist Purse by Kinies

Why we like it: This bag is as cute as it is functional with plenty of pockets and compartments for your useful and useless stuff.

The specs: 11″x 7.5″ waist bag made from canvas cotton with an adjustable waist strap. Available in teal, red, leopard, black , plaid, purple, orange, navy blue and grey.

How to get it: $38 at



Woven Belt Bag by Ecote

Why we like it: The ethnic pattern is as worldly as we are.

The specs: Compact belt bag with woven motif and faux flap-snap pocket and metal closure.

How to get it: $39 at


Lumbar Waist Bag by Hengli

Why we like it: It’s a fashionable waist bag that won’t compromise your manhood.

The specs: 15″ x 8″ khaki-colored waist bag made from canvas with an adjustable strap.

How to get it: $78 at


*Nomadik Nation Favorite | Blaster 4.0 by Jungle Tribe

Why we like it: It looks like you are on a secret mission to take over the world.

The specs: Leather bag that can be worn 3 different ways with 3 zipper pockets and 1 flap pocket. Available in black and brown.

How to get it: $269 at




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