We all know that travelers would make some of the best candidates for presidents- at least we would like to think so. In light of the upcoming US presidential election this year, we asked some our favorite travel bloggers what they would do if they were president.


“If I were president I would support Wikileaks & fight SOPA, PIPA & Acta.”








“I would open up all the UFO files and let the people know the truth about aliens and also who was behind some of history’s most famous assassinations, as well as tell the world the truth about AIDS, crack cocaine’s origins and what really happened to Marilyn Monroe.”

- Fidel Hart, Scene with a Hart


“If I were President, I would pass a labor law to require a minimum of 20 days paid vacation for all workers in the U.S”

-Kelly Harmon, HipTraveler.com






“If I were President I would make Fashion subjects mandatory on all schools and I’ll give a Prius and Solar Panels to every citizen! Oh, and to all the Congressmen? You’re all FIRED!”

-Lauren, Epic Potato Travel Blog



“Ideally I’d make sure we handed out complimentary passports, vouchers for free college education and free lifelong healthcare, along with birth certificates to parents right there at the hospital after the birth of their child.”

-Lola Akinmade, LolaAkinmade.com


“I’d ban smoking, mandatory birth control until at least 22, flat back taxes, require 4 years of another language in high school, and stop pumping money into every other country. Phew! Also prob cap pro athletic salaries, require an aptitude test for parent rights, lower the cost of healthy foods, and raise luxury good prices/taxes. And I’d bring back the fire side chats.” ;)

Dr. Aaron Snyder, The Sentinel Chicken





“Go for a horseback ride with Vladimir Putin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVDKp4IxHeI

-Larissa, The Blonde Gypsy







“Make it mandatory for high school seniors to spend their last semester abroad.”

-Diana Ogilive, Love2TravelWriteFilm







“If I were president, I’d wear fuchsia spandex capri pants and a baseball cap reading: Me Prez, You Not, I’d issue an ultimatum for Lithuania and Estonia to stop pretending to be real countries or face severe sanctions, and I’d order all satellites currently surveilling Chinese military installations to be redirected at Beyonce’s dressing room.”

-Lyn Fuchs, Sacred Ground Travel Magazine





” I would work from the bottom up, prioritizing those that need it most. ”

-Evita Robinson, Nomadnesstv.com





“If I were President, I would … legislate that the word ‘politics’ would be defined as the following – poli = many and tics=blood sucking creatures.”

-Anthony, The Travel Tart







“If I were President, I would not allow hotels to operate without offering 100% free Wi-fi to all guests”

-Kirsten AlanaAviators and a Camera








 ”I would make fluency in a foreign language compulsory in the public education system- including the bad words”

-Ashlea, Nomadik Nation




 ”I would change the name of California to little Mexico, support student-exchange programs and ban the aloha shirt”

-Diolis, Nomadik Nation







Tell us what you would do if you were President…..