Ever wanted to just go somewhere warm? How about a flight to anywhere as long as it’s under $500? Check out Adioso, a booking engine that lets you type exactly what every broke-but-flexible backpacker is thinking.

Sometimes you don’t really want to go anywhere specific. And if you’re like every other typical 20-something traveler, just about anywhere will do- as long as it fits your budget, the weather is nice and there is a good time to be had. Enter Adioso.

Adioso copy


Adioso is a search engine that gives you a bit more flexibility when it comes to leaving town. Instead of having a to enter a specific city, date or length of time for your ¬†next vacay, you can enter search terms like¬†- ‘Southeast Asia next month for 15 to 20 days’, ‘anywhere international next week for 10 days under $1000′ or ‘Vegas any Friday for 2 days’. So you don’t have to answer all the 5 W’s right away. Just pick your departure city and see what happens.

It’s kinda cool. Watch the video.