In only its second year, ‘Carnaval’ in Seychelles has become one of the largest celebrations in the Indian Ocean.  Although Seychelles has one of the world’s smallest populations, it’s certainly one of the most diverse places in the world.

Check out the photos to see how Seychelles pays homage its African, European and African heritage in one big international PARTY.



The Seychellois are a people who reflect the diversity of the world in a country that has less than 90,000 people – the smallest population of any African state.


Seychelles has three official languages; French,  English and Creole - a French based Patois. The majority of residents speak all three fluently. Be pa i zoli? That’s Creole for “isn’t that beautiful”?



‘Sega’ is a genre of music you will hear throughout Seychelles. Although its African roots are in Mauritius and Reunion Island, Sega music, conducted in a 6/8 tempo, is the soundtrack for the Seychelles islands.





Want to make sure you don’t miss the 2013 ? Check out International Seychelles Carnival Facebook page or  the official Seychelles Tourism Website.