We get a little ‘one-on-one’ with Andrew Lindy, creator of the new travel and dating reality series “Travel Bum” to find out what he looks for in a girl and why he can’t leave home without laxatives.


So what do you get when you cross the sexi-ness of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ with cultural insight of GlobeTrekker? You get Andrew Lindy’s new global dating reality series “Travel Bum”. The show, while still in its infancy stages, has created a lot of buzz and envy- as Andrew travels the world to meet the hottest girls on the planet and expose each country’s dating rituals.

In a recent interview, we ask the star of “Travel Bum” to tell us all about his upcoming naughty, and sometimes awkward, adventure into the world of dating and traveling.

Travel and tourism media seem to ignore ‘sex and dating’ as an integral part of ‘travel culture’ to cover more ‘P.C.’ topics like food or history. But the amount of buzz around your videos seems to show that people are definitely interested in the global dating scene. Why do you think people and travelers are so excited about your project?

I think it’s the Matrix effect. The thought that this reality isn’t the only reality that you could have. Also because I’ve grabbed my nuts and just gone for it – slamming back both the red and the blue pill. Real guts have to be blind anyway, right? And also cause everyone can relate to the romantic itch, hope, horniness, disappointment and triumph. Maybe also – I need to come clean about my anxieties and fears and inadequacies, or else I just look like a perv on wheels.

Your goal is to travel around the world to meet and, hopefully, date some hot girls. What countries do you think will have the hottest girls?

Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Sweden, surprise me!

What are you looking for in the girls you meet?

Sexy and warm is sort of where it’s at for me. That’s all that seems to last anyway. Although I usually end up dating the smart warm-only type. I’m a bigger nerd than my fans realize. But for short-lived exploits: naughty and a little bit wrong will be fine.

What are 5 items you can’t live without when you travel?

My lucky underwear, cargos with great pockets, laxatives, I don’t adapt to foreign food so well. The rest you can get on the fly or they’re too boring to mention.

What’s your favorite pick-up line? And have you ever been ‘bitch-slapped’ by a girl you tried to pick up?

Never been slapped. Been punched, but not slapped. And that was a month into our relationship, which wasn’t a relationship; just a string of charity-fucks that she offered me cause she thought I was interesting but not that interesting. I tried to burn a DVD of the masturbation scene that she videoed for her boyfriend overseas. She let me choose between face and stomach. There was one time I thought I’d get slapped mind you; I was walking down Bowery towards Nolita and there was a model leaning on a lamppost, waiting for a friend. I said kinda-carefree, “you look bored; I should probably take you home and fuck the crap out of you.” She looked at me and slowly said with a smirk, “what’s your number?” Btw, I chose the face.

Outside of sex and dating, what else do you like to do and look for when you travel?

Sand and beach, mountains, hip hop. A big part of feeling the mood is feeling the music. Talking is only a tiny part of getting intimate at a club – body buzz is 90% of it for me, and I’m a mess if I can’t feel anything. Ambient electro, reggae, and hip hop = life savers. That polka stuff in Eastern Europe is kinda funny too. Snorkeling. Skiing. A country that serves tequila.

If you could date a celebrity, who would it be and why?

The girl in Casino Royale – the character, probably not the actress, who knows; I like a ball-breaker. I’d like to flirt with Natalie Portman. She’s a smarty farty. Funny though, I typically like blonds. Can you ask me that again in a bit? Oh yeah I’d like to take a nap on Scarlet’s lips and swim with Kate Bosworth, just cause the hot girl next door is a myth I can get behind. Oh, Megan Fox – huge arrogant ball-breaker. And Amanda Seyfried, my dream girl for baking brownies with.

What country do you think or know will have the most ‘approachable’ girls? 

I’m gonna try to figure that out!

What’s the best advice you can give our readers who may be seeking to meet that special someone (if only for one night) abroad?

Remember to keep forgetting yourself; that’s why you’ve left your life back at home anyway. Now you’re in some foreign land and what if this is the first day of your life and all your old memories were only planted inside you this morning? Time to self-invent, right? People can really feel that on you; you’ll shine like a light and make others want to forget their dull life as well, it’s infectious. Then travel just has seduction-mechanics built into it. Don’t be so anal about logistics; follow the dots that you don’t normally see; ride the bus past your stop and watch how you go from nervous, to wait, who gives a fuck? Then introduce yourself to the person next to you. Oh, and watch my show!

Hopefully you have read our ‘about us’, lol. What makes you ‘Nomadik’?

Something inherited from my dad’s insane sense of escapism. And probably an early childhood sense of messianic solipsism, where I always kind of thought that reality was a dream. Or, refer to question 1.


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