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Instagram Gallery of the Week: "Inspiring Indonesia"

[curated by @ChariChinYoung and @DaneCaston]

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The Birth of a [Nomadik] Nation

For global people, travel is more than collecting stamps in our passports. It’s a lifestyle driven by curiosity and inspired by what we find when we arrive. Nomadik Nation was created in order to bring together the scenes and stories of our journeys. It’s a dope collection of art, culture, adventure, style, people and stories around the world.

Creative exploration.
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Nomadik Nation is dedicated to uncovering all things dope and worldly. If you have an idea, question or simply have something that should be featured, please drop us a line.

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Each week Nomadik Nation selects a global curator for Instgram, to put together a stunning collection of photos to tell the story of their favorite destination. You get the chance to highlight your favorite photos, stories, experiences from accounts you admire most. Your Instagram handle will go in our bio as curator of the week, as well a posted announcement on our feed. Tag your travel photos


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Nomadik Nation is launching

Instagram Stories
We are seeking Global Diplomats to submit awesome video content to give our Nomadik Citizens a dope glimpse into world counter-culture.

Content can range from being as edgy as partying in a Berlin nightclub to things as mundane as a coffee shop in Cape Town, or footage of you visiting your favorite boutique sneaker store in Los Angeles,

Each video will feature your @InstagramHandle and a cool caption of where you are and what's going on.

So whether you're a photographer, artist, stylist or traveler, this is an opportunity to showcase your favorite places, spaces, people and stories.

Become a Global Diplomat